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One of our top priorities is the privacy of our visitors. This privacy policy document contains the types of information it collects and records Permansio d.o.o. and how we use them.

If you have additional questions or need more information about ours Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us.


Third-party ad servers or ad networks use technologies such as cookies, JavaScript or the Beacon Web used in their ads and the links they make appear on Permansio d.o.o., which are sent directly to the user's browser. They automatically receive your IP address when this happens. These technologies are used to measure the effectiveness of theirs advertising campaigns and / or to personalize the advertising content you see on web pages that you visit.

Please note that Permansio d.o.o. does not have access to or control over these cookies by used by third-party advertisers.


We process personal information you provide us when submitting your query, requests, complaints, praise or the like, which may include the following personal information: Name, phone, email, reason for contact, product you purchased, date and place of purchase, summary of your inquiry / request / complaint / praise, your satisfaction with our response We process your personal information for the following purposes: So that we can answer your query, request, objection, praise or the like. In that case, the basis for processing your personal information is our legitimate interest in being able to respond to Your query, request, objection, praise or similar; In order to track satisfaction with our service. In this case, the basis for processing yours personal information is our legitimate interest; In order to fulfill our legal duties in order to comply with the relevant laws (for example safeguarding consumer complaints) and for the purpose of cooperating with law enforcement agencies and bodies. In this case, the basis for processing your personal data is the fulfillment of our legal duty.


We process your information in accordance with our User Privacy Policy services available.


We process personal information you provide to us as well as information we have collected when establishing and maintaining a business relationship, or the following information: Your identification information (if you are a natural person, such as a business owner): name, surname, OIB, relationship with a legal entity (owner, director, employee or similar); Your contact information: name and surname of the contact person, contact address (street and house number, place, zip code, country); phone, Email. We process your personal information for the following purposes: In order to fulfill our contractual obligations to you and take other necessary actions in relation to entering into and executing contracts (for example, invoicing, delivery of goods, etc.) or previous ones actions (e.g., send bids). In this case, the basis for processing your personal information is enforcement the contract of which you are a party, that is, taking action at your request before concluding the contract; In order to fulfill our legal duties for the purpose of complying with the relevant laws and for the purpose cooperating with law enforcement agencies and bodies. In this case, the basis for processing your personal is the fulfillment of our legal duty; In order to protect our legitimate interests (such as when necessary to enforce security measures). In that case, the basis for processing your personal information is our legitimate interest.


The protection of your personal information is extremely important to us. Some of the measures the protections we implement are as follows:

  • Implementing database alias whenever possible
  • Using secure methods in proportioning your personal information to prevent it unauthorized access
  • Application of modern methods of protection and control of access to the data resources they contain personal information
  • Continuous monitoring of all resources (physical spaces where your data is stored) used to process personal information


For data where there is a statutory retention period, your data We keep them for that period and delete them for an additional period of one year. If you are our business partners for whom there is no defined legal retention period, we hold for throughout the term of the contract we have entered into with you. Upon termination of your contract, your information we delete in the additional period of 6 years from the termination of the contract (the limitation period of 5 years, increased for a 1 year deletion period). We keep personal information that we process based on our legitimate interest for as long as ours exists legitimate interest, and we delete them within 1 year of the termination of our legitimate interest. We keep personal information that we process based on your consent as long as we have your consent. In case of withdrawal of consent, we shall delete them in the shortest possible time for us. In the case of recordings collected by video surveillance, we keep them for 30 days, except when in a particular case there is a need to use a single recording as evidence.


In case you decide to use one or more of your own lower of these rights, the Company has the right to verify your identity, all for the purpose of protecting your personal data. You exercise your rights for free. However, if often (for example, if it is from your past request less than 6 months past) or excessive (for example, requesting all your personal information in writing form) to request access to or transfer of your personal information, we have the right to ask you to settle our costs before conducting such action.


Permansio d.o.o. undertakes to respect the anonymity and privacy of Permansio d.o.o. The online store will use and process the information solely for the purpose and purpose specified by this Conditions. Permansio d.o.o. may collect personally identifiable information from users, such as name, address, OIB, telephone number or e-mail address only if voluntarily provided by the user.

Permansio d.o.o. will use the information provided solely for its intended purpose contractual obligations and the best insight and understanding of individual needs, habits and requirements users, as well as further developing and delivering Permansiod.o.o. better services. Permansio d.o.o. collects, processes, and publishes user information relating to the use of Permansio d.o.o. online store without revealing user identity and / or personally identifiable information user identity disclosure.

Permansio d.o.o. collects and records IP address information (Internet ProtocolAddress) users or the location of your computer for system administration, troubleshooting, confirmation downloading content or enhancing technical aspects of the Internet service. Permansio d.o.o. will Automatically record user usage data for Permansio d.o.o. online store, among other things, a log of visits to specific pages and / or content. Such information Permansio d.o.o. will be used solely for the purpose of enhancing its service, personalization and individualization promotional activities according to the needs of each user.

Permansio d.o.o. does not record your credit card number or store transaction files. Permansio d.o.o. uses a third-party service, an authorized bank, which encrypts your data.


Another part of our priority is adding child protection as they use it Internet. We encourage parents and guardians to observe, participate in and / or supervise and lead your network activities. Permansio d.o.o. does not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. If you think it is your child provided such information on our website, we warmly encourage you to contact us immediately you will be contacted and we will do everything possible to quickly remove such information from our records.


By using our site, you agree to our Rules and you agree to its Terms and Conditions.

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